Meet the Photographer

Roy is a photographer who lives in Hampshire on the edge of the New Forest National Park. He has been an enthusiastic photographer for over 40 years and specializes in landscape photography. Roy is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.

His other artistic interest is painting Naïve Art and he is a member of the Association of British Naïve Artists. If you would like to see examples of Roy's Art please visit his arts website. The address can be found in the Links Section of this Website.

Roy also likes producing Photo Books and his first book "The Naïve World of Roy Fisher" was voted "Book of the Month" for March 2017 by BOBBOOKS.
His book "2020 - A Year in Pictures" is available to view online at and was voted "Book of the Month" for December 2020.
His latest book about photography "The Winter Beauty of the New Forest" is available to view online at

Roy has produced 24 Photo Books with BOBBOOKS.
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